Leadership style


The company insists on "pursuing zero defects in all aspects and meeting customer needs 100%", and takes it as the company's mission to become a pioneer in safe and reliable intelligent temperature-sensitive functional devices. "Customer satisfaction is our pursuit" requires strict monitoring of raw materials and every step of the production process to do a good job in every product.


Adhering to what customers need, we will manufacture whatever we need, continuously invest in research and development, develop and produce various products to solve customers' pain points. Based on temperature sensitive devices such as temperature control switches, temperature sensors, temperature fuses, we have developed various supporting products such as high temperature resistant insulating sleeves, overcurrent overload protectors, dry reed tube magnetic control sensors, etc. Customers cover many industries such as household appliances, motors, transformers, new energy batteries, lighting lamps, electric tools, electric heating appliances, etc.


To provide customers with overheating and overcurrent temperature sensitive control solutions, to create opportunities and wealth for employees, to create value for the community as the goal. Strive to achieve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction.

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